How does the costume contest work?

  • There will be a $1,000 Sexiest Costume contest, and a separate $1,000 Most Creative Costume contest.
  • Upon admittance, you are officially entered into both contests.
  • Summoning officials will be at each stage, and roaming the event, handing out 100 bracelets for each category during the night.

  • If you receive a bracelet, you are a semifinalist, and will be instructed on how to take your picture for final judgement.

  • We have instructed our officials to have all bracelets handed out by 11:30pm, so we can start the judging process promptly at midnight. Get there early before all the bracelets are gone!

  • At midnight, our panel of judges will narrow down the 100 semi-finalists in each category to 10 finalists in each category.

  • The 10 finalists in each category will be notified by text message and/or Email they are a finalists, and directed to the Zombie Prom stage in the 11th Street Garage for audience vote to take place promptly at 1am. The loudest audience applause will determine the winner!

*Note, a person can be a semi-finalist in 2 categories, but can only be a finalist in 1 category.

What can I wear?

Understanding it's Halloween, the dress code has to be relaxed some. In terms of costumes and accessories, if it is obviously fake (toy Pirate sword), and obviously part of/necessary for your costume, it will most likely be permitted. So, if you're wearing red because you're Freddy Krueger, you will be fine. If you're wearing a red bandana because you're Freddy Krueger, that probably won't fly...

We have a pretty open dress code. The three NO's are:

  • No nudity
  • No gangwear
  • No masks unless approved prior to noon on Oct. 30th. Click here to Email event administrator for approval.

The gangwear is a subjective term defined by the gang unit that staffs the event, but some guidelines based on the units informational materials would caution against the following:

  • Distinct shoelaces, belts, or jewelry that could symbolize gang affiliation
  • Gang symbols tattooed on the body, or drawn, embroidered, or otherwise placed on items of clothing
  • Clothing predominantly of a color affiliated with local gangs
  • Excessively baggy clothes

While none of these factors alone may automatically raise suspicion of gang affiliation, any combination will trigger a flag, and may result in requiring a change of outfit. Please note, only the security staff on the ground can make this final determination, and The Summoning does not, and cannot override the decisions of the security at the event.

What is Express Entrance?

Express Entrance, available for purchase online only, has a line at the entrance dedicated to only Express Entrance buyers, so your wait will be minimized in line. We limit the number of Express Entrance tickets sold and expect to get Express Entrance buyers in 5+ times faster than General Admission buyers.

What IDs do you accept?

There are 3 forms of valid IDs we accept at the entrance:

  1. Current, State issued, photo ID*
  2. U.S. Passports
  3. Military

*No combination of IDs can substitute for this form of ID. NO temporary along with expired, NO student ID along with temporary, etc.

What time should I get there?

We suggest an early arrival. Would you rather get inside too early, or get inside too late and miss the Haunted Maze, Costume Contest, etc...? Gates open at 6pm, and we expect a heavy rush from 9-11.

We will be doing everything we can to minimize wait times in line, including the ability to upgrade on site to Express Entrance for an additional $20. Purchase presale Express Entrance tickets online, and not only does it get you into the event faster, it also allows you to Express Entry to the Haunted Maze!

When does presale end?

Discounted $10 online presales will end at 2pm, Friday, October 30th. Tickets at the gate are $20 for general admission, and $30 for Express Entrance.

What can I bring with me?

You CAN bring...

  • Friends (21 and older only)
  • Camera
  • One sealed plastic bottle of water
  • Friendliness

You can NOT bring...

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Weapons
  • Ice chests
  • Chairs
  • Masks unless approved prior to noon on Oct. 30th. Click here to Email event administrator with photo for approval.
  • Anything else that will be unsafe

Make getting in easy and keep The Summoning safe so we can have it every year.