What can I wear?

Understanding it's Halloween, the dress code has to be relaxed some. In terms of costumes and accessories, if it is obviously fake (toy Pirate sword), and obviously part of/necessary for your costume, it will most likely be permitted. So, if you're wearing red because you're Freddy Krueger, you will be fine. If you're wearing a red bandana because you're Freddy Krueger, that probably won't fly...

We have a pretty open dress code. The three NO's are:

  • No nudity
  • No gangwear
  • No masks unless approved prior to noon on Oct. 30th. Click here to Email event administrator for approval.

The gangwear is a subjective term defined by the gang unit that staffs the event, but some guidelines based on the units informational materials would caution against the following:

  • Distinct shoelaces, belts, or jewelry that could symbolize gang affiliation
  • Gang symbols tattooed on the body, or drawn, embroidered, or otherwise placed on items of clothing
  • Clothing predominantly of a color affiliated with local gangs
  • Excessively baggy clothes

While none of these factors alone may automatically raise suspicion of gang affiliation, any combination will trigger a flag, and may result in requiring a change of outfit. Please note, only the security staff on the ground can make this final determination, and The Summoning does not, and cannot override the decisions of the security at the event.